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7 Reasons your ERP needs replacing

Unfortunately, all software solutions have a shelf-life and eventually it will be necessary to upgrade or enhance your current ERP system. Your existing program won’t be able to incorporate all of the new technological advancements, it will become slower and bogged down, and your competitors will start to gain a slight advantage. These are just some of the warning signs that an upgrade is inevitable.

Many companies choose to switch to pre-set CRM and ERP systems not configured to their needs. They will make compromises and find ways to adapt their procedures to suit the software instead of hiring an ERP expert that can configure the program to your business. A professional ERP update is a time-consuming and complex process; however, the end result is a faster and more efficient system that has been configured specifically for your organization. That means it is worth doing right the first time so you see a great ROI.


How could my ERP system hold my business back?

By using your own intuition and experience, you will be able to recognize performance issues and determine aspects of your ERP system that are not providing your company with all that they could. Slow starts, invalid functions, and outdated practices could all be preventing your business from reaching its real potential.


Another way an outdated ERP system could hold your business back is if it cannot easily adapt to new technologylike cloud computing. Start by comparing the capabilities of your current system with the extensive range of options that are available now. How many of the new tools and features would make your business run smoother? Not taking advantage of everything new technology has to offer is certainly holding your business back.


Recognizing that there is a problem with its current performance is the first step to resolving the issue. You won’t realize exactly how inefficient and ineffective your previous system was until you have experienced the benefits of an ERP upgrade.


A new CRM and ERP system implementation will revive your business by enhancing processes, streamlining procedures, and improving overall functionality. It will also provide exciting new opportunities for growth and expansion.


Evaluating Your Business and Existing ERP Solutions

If you think you need a new CRM and ERP software solution, you are most likely right, but you can be certain that you do by answering a few simple questions:


Could your company’s processes be improved upon?

In some cases, a business’ current processes could be holding them back instead of the CRM and ERP software. A lack of employee training, inefficient processes, and organizational dysfunction cannot be solved by upgrading your system. Make sure your existing program is being used properly and tools are being used to their optimal potential before determining if it is time for a switch.


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