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SAP Anywhere -- How does it matter?

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SAP Anywhere is one of the most amazing products launched by SAP. This is a cloud solution which would be very helpful for small or midsize business specially where business is expanding. Generally , business starts with one idea, one small group of business aspirants and one place.

SAP Business One


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To grow your business, you need to devote time to more important things than piecing together information and operational details from disparate business systems. If your sales, accounting, and operational systems are not integrated, your productivity inevitably suffers. When you must search for critical business information such as customer records or inventory levels in different locations, you can’t make timely, sound decisions and meet customers’ needs quickly.

Maintaining a competitive edge means having clear view of all aspects of your business. It means streamlining processes and always being able to get the information you need when you need it. If you can effectively track and access all customer-related information, for example, you can better service your customers at every point of contact, helping ensure repeat business. And if you can accurately monitor and manage revenue and expenses, you will be positioned to optimize cash flow, increasing your financial strength and the flexibility to respond quickly when business opportunities arise.

The SAP® Business One application is an affordable, comprehensive solution that provides functionality for every core process you need to run your entire business. Unlike niche solutions, SAP Business One supports integrated management functions, including financials, sales, customers, inventory, and operations, without the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules. Designed specifically for small businesses, it’s quick to install, and more important, straightforward to maintain and use.

SAP Business One Mobile App

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The SAP Business One mobile app allows users to access data and approve processes from their SAP Business One software anytime and anywhere. It can be used by managers, sales and service staff to stay informed about their business whilst on the move and access relevant real-time information.

ERP for Small and Midsized Retailers

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Small and Midsized retailers have a number of hurdles to tackle in today’s business landscape. To maintain and grow their position within an increasingly competitive marketplace, retailers must find innovative ways to remain competitive that are not based solely on price.


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This blog takes a look at some of the frequently asked questions about SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA (B1H). With a foundation of more than 40 years of innovation with best-in-class business applications SAP has introduced a new element of innovation by providing the ability to run SAP Business One on the next-generation in-memory platform SAP HANA.
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