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Keeping Pace: Managing at the speed of real time

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Are you still running your business on spreadsheets? If so, your decisions are most likely not being made as strategically or nimbly as they could be, and you are missing valuable insights on real-time changes in market dynamics.

Off of the Ground and into the Cloud

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You own a business. And now you want to take a leap of faith and move your systems and processes to the cloud. But before you pull the trigger, you still have many open questions related to the “cloud” story. Is it safe? Secure? What are the costs? Ultimately, you are trying to figure out one thing: Is moving to the cloud a smart move? Could it help my business run more efficiently? Let’s take a look at some key benefits and challenges of transitioning to the cloud.

ERP: Real Solutions for SMBs

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When it comes to ERP, many companies fail to see the big picture. Gartner’s 2014 report, “Working Smarter, Not Harder Is the Key to Business Success With ERP” suggests a key reason for this is that companies may not know how to recognize or measure the true value of their ERP systems for all the aspects of their business.

SAP powers the ICC Cricket World Cup

article by Brian Karlovsky

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The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 organising committee has deployed the SAP Business One application to help deliver the tournament to more than one billion fans. The committee has had to grow rapidly from start-up to small business in order to deliver a tournament with expected attendance of over one million fans, and that reaches over one billion people globally.

B1 Optimiser for SAP Business One

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Manage your stock without implementing additional time consuming and costly systems. B1 Optimiser for SAP Business One uses the latest advances in technology and the internet to provide an easy to use, easy to deploy and affordable inventory management solution for your business.
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