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What is New in SAP HANA SPS12

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SAP HANA SPS 12 is now available for download.  With this release, we continue our commitment to enhance existing capabilities and add new ones to simplify IT, innovate modern applications, and accelerate insights.  SAP HANA is a mature enterprise solution. Our customers have adopted the SAP HANA platform as the digital core to run mission critical business processes.  They are also maximizing the value of SAP HANA and gaining competitive advantage by building modern, custom applications that unlock new insights.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform: Digital Transformation Made Easy

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Digital transformation means rethinking the way your company interacts with its business environment – a huge challenge, even for IT departments.

Software updates, enhancements, and new developments have to be quicker to implement than ever before, yet still integrate seamlessly with existing processes and systems. We met with Dirk Basenach, vice president of SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Platform Security at SAP, to find out how SAP’s platform approach can help.

SAP Business One for Manufacturing

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SME Manufacturing companies operate in a very fast paced and highly competitive environment, often having to react to short term changes in schedule and new orders that impact their ability to deliver on time.

SAP Business One for Construction

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Despite the rapidly growing construction industry, many small and medium-sized companies are facing issues in being successful. Inadequate project planning and scheduling, inflexibility and underutilization of resources are the main challenges faced by these firms. SAP Business One is the perfect ERP solution that helps construction industries in increasing profitability by helping companies deliver projects on time and budget. If you wish to enhance your construction business functions, then the best bet is to start with SAP Business One and then purchase profitable industry specific add-ons according to your business needs.

How HANA Helps Your Company Strategy

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First some common sense observations. Company strategy determines what the organisation wants to do.  Requirements are driven by strategy, and the satisfaction of those requirements helps the strategy. Requirements should serve pieces of the strategy year by year. Put it another way, if we are working on requirements that do not help the company strategy there is something wrong. Satisfying requirements provides benefits, we mainly think of these as monetary benefits, extra revenue earned or cost saved, but they can also be other strategic benefits like increase in market share, improved customer loyalty, improved staff retention etc.
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