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SAP Business One for Manufacturing

SME Manufacturing companies operate in a very fast paced and highly competitive environment, often having to react to short term changes in schedule and new orders that impact their ability to deliver on time.

The advanced manufacturing functionality for SAP® Business One includes powerful scheduling, capacity planning, routes and operations.  It supports the make-to-order market, where capacity planning, scheduling, and utilisation of shop floor resources are paramount, and where labour and machine costs are major profit drivers.

Customers have seen planning time reduced by over 50%, improving responsiveness to changes in demand and allowing them to provide more accurate delivery estimates to their customers.  Other benefits include, higher machine and labour utilisation rates, reduced lead times  and work in progress and the ability to calculate accurate and reliable order margins.


Manufacturers invest in SAP Business One because it allows them to:

  1. Provide secure and predictable delivery times
  2. Calculate accurate and reliable order margins
  3. Dramatically reduce planning time and improve responsiveness to demand changes
  4. Gain higher machine and labour utilisation rates, with fewer indirect hours
  5. Reduce lead times and work in progress
  6. Reduce held stock and therefore capital expenditure 
  7. Increase customer satisfaction

Industry Expertise

Generic solutions cannot address industry-specific challenges. That's why there's no such thing as a generic solution from SAP.  We recognise that although the principles of manufacturing are very similar across all types of manufacturing, the execution can be very different depending on the end product. 

Production Planning & Scheduling for SAP Business One 

The advanced production facilities of SAP Business One are well suited for the following manufacturing environments:

  • Make to Order/Stock
  • Single Unit and Batch
  • Assembly
  • Mixed Mode
  • Variant Part
  • Job Shop
  • Process
  • Engineer to order

Work Centres

Developed in partnership with SAP, Advanced Manufacturing extends the standard manufacturing functionality in SAP Business One to include:

Very comprehensive work centres for machines, employees, external work be individual or part of a group for flexible planning / scheduling. Also facilitates multi machine operating and the fact that work can overlap and queue. Full use of utilisation and performance ratios support the automated scheduling.

Machines / Multi Machine Groups

The often complex requirements of multi machine operating are easily accommodated. Work centres can be assigned to machine groups and where this is used the work centre with the shortest lead-time fit will be selected.


A specific operating calendar can be assigned to each work centre along with a normal working hours / shift pattern.  Working time for work centres can be defined down to the minute, allowing for planned maintenance / downtime to be automatically accounted for in scheduling production.

BOM / Routings

An operation plan (BOM and Routing) can be defined with any number of different and/or alternative versions can be entered.  These are the basis for the automated planning / scheduling process, costing, and manufacturing / logistics. Boms and routes can also be linked to provide Just in Time (JIT) scheduling of materials to production.

Automated Scheduling / Rescheduling

Scheduling can be a time consuming process which the advanced manufacturing dramatically reduces.  Production can be automatically scheduled within the easily defined constraints with no manual effort.  Production can be rescheduled on new rules / priorities at any time and can also be simulated prior to commitment.

Sales / Purchasing / MRP

Available to promise is much more than ERP systems generally allow.  From quotes and orders the user can enquire as to a promise date, based on a time phased view of both material and labour and how it fits the current system loading. Although production can be raised from sales orders, it can also be done via MRP with a full set of recommendations for both production and purchasing.

Subcontract Work

The system will also plan and raise purchases from subcontract and manage the shipment of goods to and from subcontractors as required.

Shop Floor Terminals

Recording of work real time is a key element in allowing a more automated production system to make accurate recommendations.   The easy to use production recording screens are both simple and clear and can be run on touch screen terminals and obviously utilise bar coding.

CAD Integration

A flexible CAD interface allows BOM data to be linked to your CAD system, saving time and money. Any additional fields utilised in CAD that would be useful to the business system can also be accommodated.


Graphical representation and the use of colour can be very powerful in terms of reporting information back to the user.  Advanced Manufacturing uses this very well in order to show progress of production jobs, work centre performance, and the financial performance of jobs and work centres.

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