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10 Reasons AdvanceOne customers choose SAP Business One

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For growing SMEs, success depends on access to critical business information for informed decision-making to seize new market opportunities and stay competitive. An integrated, affordable solution like SAP Business One will provide full visibility across your organisation with real-time reporting that leverages information from all key business areas.

Identifying the top 3 hidden costs of stockouts

by Nicole Brennan

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The costs of inventory stockouts has been well documented and it is no secret that having insufficient inventory on hand can be detrimental to the profitability of a business. In an effort to keep inventory costs down, many businesses have been keeping their inventory lean. While this is a strategy that can be beneficial to the bottom line, if proper measures are not put in place to closely monitor and optimise inventory levels, keeping inventory too light can also result in lost sales.

What is SAP Business One?

by Cherry Hidjaja

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At AdvanceOne, our consultants often get asked ‘What is SAP Business One’. The question usually comes from growing business owners who are evaluating solutions such as QuickBooks, NetSuite and other accounting or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software.

Small Business Growth is on the Rise!

by Nicole Brennan

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You read that right, small business growth is on the rise. An article published with USA Today states that small businesses are growing, due in large part not only to the availability of affordable capital, but also the use of technology. The article was based on 2640 small business owners who were surveyed in November by insurance agency Allstate, and results indicated small businesses were defeating the odds during this period of economic uncertainty.
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