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Mitigating risks - what customers should expect when ERP software companies consolidate

by Sarah Coish

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In today’s competing and open environment of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software companies, it is not uncommon to hear that one of the larger players has decided to acquire a smaller ERP provider. Due to the latest news of Oracle acquiring NetSuite, we have recently received a lot of questions from both existing NetSuite customers, as well as businesses considering buying a new ERP solution. Most of the questions and concerns are related to what effects a consolidation could have on them as a customer. Will this acquisition impact my Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of my overall ERP solution? 

5 Ways SAP Business One Can Help With Order Fulfilment

by Emily Warren

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Calculating the true cost of a cup of coffee involves navigating a complex system where small profits are carved away at each transaction point. Typical expenses include labor, fertilizer, inspections, certifications, transportation, and membership fees. While the costs incurred by farmers are relatively easy to identify, they can vary dramatically based on the size and location of the farm and type of coffee the farmer is producing. This makes it challenging to calculate how much it actually costs to produce an average pound of coffee.

Identifying the top 3 hidden costs of stockouts

by Nicole Brennan

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The costs of inventory stockouts has been well documented and it is no secret that having insufficient inventory on hand can be detrimental to the profitability of a business. In an effort to keep inventory costs down, many businesses have been keeping their inventory lean. While this is a strategy that can be beneficial to the bottom line, if proper measures are not put in place to closely monitor and optimise inventory levels, keeping inventory too light can also result in lost sales.

5 Ways SAP Business One helps increase order fulfilment rates

by Nicole Brennan

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Successful order fulfillment can be a competitive advantage for businesses. It is customer-centric in that it encompasses the process of meeting your customer’s needs by processing and delivering their orders. It is how your business responds to customer orders and how efficiently the orders are processed and delivered.
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