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SAP Business One for Construction
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SAP Business One for Construction

Despite the rapidly growing construction industry, many small and medium-sized companies are facing issues in being successful. Inadequate project planning and scheduling, inflexibility and underutilization of resources are the main challenges faced by these firms. SAP Business One is the perfect ERP solution that helps construction industries in increasing profitability by helping companies deliver projects on time and budget. If you wish to enhance your construction business functions, then the best bet is to start with SAP Business One and then purchase profitable industry specific add-ons according to your business needs.


Following business functions of Construction Companies are covered in SAP Business One Solution:

  • Project Management

  • Project Planning and Scheduling

  • Project costing and Budgeting

  • Project wise Warehouse and Bin Management

  • Resource Management

  • Tendering

  • Sub- contracting Management

  • BOQ Management

  • RA Billing

  • Measurement Books Management

  • Quality Management

  • Enterprise Assets Management

  • Contract Administration


How SAP Business One Can Help In your Construction Business:

  1. By using this system, construction companies can have better visibility in the project scheduling, budgeting costing and enable regulatory compliance across the organization.

  2. Industries can eliminate instances of material shortages and manage project planning, purchasing and sales operations with accurate allocation of resources.

  3. This system enables organizations to implement proper material requirement by introducing better materials requirement planning.

  4. The system provides regulatory alerts and approval system for management controlling.

  5. It is feasible to use this system from anywhere and anytime which helps to manage multiple project sites efficiently.

  6. It possesses a real time and fully integrated inventory system with accounting and finance feature.

  7. Using this system, you can view project schedules and costs from any level to determine the impact of the project.

  8. Allows comparing projects side by side and tracking contracts, permits, attach CAD drawings and other fundamental documents.

  9. Companies can stream line sales and purchase operations as per the business need.

  10. Lets companies allot workforce resources efficiently, according to the priority of the projects.

  11. Integrated project management allows companies to have a clear view of the present and future of all the projects.

  12. It provides real time reports and dashboards that make decisions quick and fast.


SAP Business One Business Benefits for Construction:

  • Improved project profitability with on-budget and on-time performance

  • Integrated project systems and business intelligence

  • Manage project variations and their impacts with a single project view that amalgamates both the operational and the financial point of view

  • Effective analysis of project resources and work progress

  • Insight of projects across all departments the company

  • Extensive financial management

  • Improved customer relationship management

  • Documents and in-depth reports help in timely follow up with clients

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