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From on-premise implementation of SAP Business One to cloud based solutions, AdvanceOne understands your business’s individual needs and offers a variety of solutions to take your business to the next crucial point. Service delivery and customer delight is at the core of AdvanceOne's culture . This gives our customers a unique experience- and what sets us apart. It’s why customers look at us as their partner and not simply a vendor. It is our mission to ensure our customers see real value from their technology – no matter what that technology is.

AdvanceOne - Providing Customers with Measurable Business Values

Through our many projects we have acquired strong industry knowledge and expertise to provide our customers with value added services and world class software solutions.

AdvanceOne will provide customers with measurable business values and not just comprehensive software solutions.


The interaction between the application and technical environment is critical to the successful implementation and running of a new system.

AdvanceOne’s consultants are all very experienced and qualified in both the applications and the databases/platforms being implemented. All AdvanceOne’s solutions can be configured as client /server. Our consultants have expertise in MSSQL Server and can optimise your solutions to take advantage of the improved performances and connectivity offered by using a SQL database.

AdvanceOne also specialise in linking ‘best of breed’ applications to our solutions. All methods are employed depending upon the requirement and functionality of the third party application – automated file transfer, ODBC, direct update.

AdvanceOne can reduce implementation time and cost by employing accurate methods of data conversion. Customer and supplier details, invoices, payments and stock items/history can all be transferred.

Project Management

In any implementation the final success of the installation will depend upon how well the project is planned, monitored, controlled and executed.

At the start of the project, AdvanceOne will assign a Project Manager to ensure our commitments are fulfilled as to time, quality, and specifications and ultimately to the customer’s satisfaction.

At the start of the project the Project Manager will draw up a detailed Project Plan as well as a Project Schedule. This is done together with the client, normally during a Project Kick-off meeting. Project staff from our company and Key staff within the client’s organisation are identified, and their respective responsibilities documented. Key Deliverable dates are agreed to and also documented. The Project Manager will commit the necessary resources for all agreed actions at the times required to complete tasks within the planned time scale.

During the course of the project, the Project Manager will hold regular project reviews. All actions, completion dates and plan reviews will be recorded and monitored to ensure that the installation proceeds smoothly and to schedule.

This methodology is based on the following Project Management principles, as detailed in the PMBOK guide, using standard best practices.


At AdvanceOne we are constantly honing the skills of our already talented group of employees by training them on the state-of-the-art technologies.

Whenever we take a project we make sure that we assign people who are qualified and capable of handling the work. We also encourage and facilitate in-house training, wherein the employees conduct training classes for their peers.

AdvanceOne offers client training which, is a stage within the project methodology. The training is taken by qualified and certified SAP Business One training consultants

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