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Small Business Growth is on the Rise!

by Nicole Brennan

You read that right, small business growth is on the rise. An article published with USA Today states that small businesses are growing, due in large part not only to the availability of affordable capital, but also the use of technology. The article was based on 2640 small business owners who were surveyed in November by insurance agency Allstate, and results indicated small businesses were defeating the odds during this period of economic uncertainty.

Not only are these businesses experiencing growth, but they are optimistic about future growth. According to the article, small businesses are more insulated from what is going on in the stock market and are exporting relatively little compared to larger sized competitors. Their growth is not dependent on stock values, and therefore, their optimism is higher than what is typically expected.

Adopting Technology for Continued Growth

This optimism amongst businesses is largely related to the availability of technology and the capacity it has to streamline processes and better improve business operations. At Vision33, we are business process implementers and the leading global provider of SAP Business One, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for growing businesses. SAP Business One is targeted directly towards small to medium sized businesses who are experiencing fast growth. SAP Business One helps transform their operations, allowing them to capture important data such as sales, inventory management and production. By adopting a system such as SAP Business One and leveraging Vision33’s process, businesses are already on the right track to continued growth and expansion.

Working with Businesses as Partners 

Fifty-three percent of those surveyed for the article are going as far to say that it is the best time to be a small business owner. Investments in technology can ultimately maximize productivity, giving small and mid sized companies the edge they need. Businesses who recognize the benefits of investing in technology and ERP systems understand the importance of efficiency and keeping business processes simple.

SAP Business One is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. When a business is acquiring new customers and entering new markets, problems can pop up dealing with dated accounting systems or an overload of spreadsheets. SAP Business One, coupled with the vast experience of Vision33 solutions providers, can easily help businesses transition into new territories. Vision33 works closely with clients as a partner, providing them with the expertise, knowledge and support they need to successfully grow their operations.

Even with an economic downturn and large corporation cutbacks, small to medium sized businesses are continuing to flourish with the help of technology investments. Don’t miss out on these opportunities for growth –capitalize on technology and invest in an ERP system that does the work for you.

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